How to Start a Blog (Because I’m an Expert, LOL)

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How do you start a blog? For me, I have to write blog posts before I think about a title and layout for my blog. Before I would try to think of a topic that I wanted my blog to be about, like fashion or travel but that didn’t work. Now, I am trying writing the posts and then, thinking about themes, titles, and layouts. I really enjoy doing that stuff but for blogging, it is content that counts. I have started many blogs that looked great at the time, but there was not enough content. Based on what I have observed, the most successful blogs and content creators have a lot of content, whether is good or not is a different story, but there is a lot to search through. From what I have seen, the hard work pays off, not necessarily monetarily, but your hard work shows.



Why my previous blogs did not work

The fashion blog did not work because I am not a person that plans out outfits every day or does photoshoots and I am not interested in giving fashion companies free advertising. I like fashion but, I am not passionate enough about it to make an entire blog about it. Also, I do not have a lot of money. This applies to the travel blogging idea. I love to travel, and if do end up traveling more than once a year, I would definitely consider doing travel blogging. However, I don’t travel as much as I would like and when I am traveling I tend to want to enjoy the experience rather than thinking about how can I make this a post. I like to take pictures when I’m traveling and that’s as far as I go. Lately, I have been making travel diary books for myself, maybe during that process, I can blog about my travels. But for now, as I do not have a trip planned, I won’t be travel blogging. I even thought about doing a local travel blog. I made a few posts but I stopped at like three posts. I’m not really should why, but it probably had something to do with the things I wrote in my 5 Minute Thoughts piece I wrote.

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.” – William Edward Hickson


Tips for Consistency

One thing I definitely want to try to help with my consistency in writing posts is writing posts ahead of time and then posting them at a later date. When I was writing my earlier blogs, I thought I had to write and post daily, it did not work for me. I wouldn’t have time every single day. I do think people should post frequently, but the writing does not have to be at the same time. Writing ahead of schedule could be helpful if you don’t have time to do so every day. It gives you time to edit and you are not under a timed deadline which gives you time to do your best work.

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