How to Make an Effective Vision Board

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Have you ever tried creating a vision board? I made one last year and it did not work, because of several things. Since then, I have made a new one and it is truly inspiring. Here are some ways to make sure your vision board works for you.


Make your board attractive

This might seem like an obvious thing, but it wasn’t for me. I found some images from the internet and cut them out as squares and left a lot of blank space on my board. It was uninspiring. It nearly blended in with my walls and some of the pictures came off and I didn’t even bother to put them back up. My new board is full of color and there is no blank space on my board, it is like a collage. For some reason, I felt that laying out my board in a brick-like pattern was best at the time, I don’t know why.



Dedicate time 

One thing that I did differently with my vision board is having a dedicated time to work on it. This is not something that I would do if I am tired or distracted. I worked on mine on a morning where I did not have anywhere to be for a while and also played relaxing music (singing bowls).



Use magazines

In my first vision board, I used internet pictures, this is not bad, but I find that magazine pages are more sharp and colorful and you don’t have to waste your ink and paper. I had some fashion and travel magazines to work from. The fashion ones are good for finding different fonts, but you can use what you have. Another tip, to making your board more attractive is to use colors as background, like an ad that has and yellow background. Everything does not have to have a direct connection to your life, but most of it should. The main thing is that it should draw you to look at it frequently.

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