How I Get Ideas for Writing

I write about anything that I’m thinking about, I sometimes use writing prompts, the best writing prompt that I use is to write about anything for 5 minutes, it gets the juices flowing and sometimes you write something that is on you didn’t know was on your mind. It is also a good way to brainstorm.

Another tactic is to get inspiration, using social media and writing down your thoughts about what you saw or read, be careful though, social media can be a trap, so I’d say use this as a last resort. I also like getting inspired by Pinterest, for some reason, for me it doesn’t trap me like Instagram or Facebook.

Write about issues that concern or interest you. Even if that makes you vulnerable to opposition. Or if you are thinking you will limit your audience, you can’t make everyone happy. Be true to yourself and if your interests are not the ‘safest’ of topics, do it anyway, there are plenty of safe blogs out there, be real. I say this to you but it is also a message to myself.


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