Look at the size of this leaf!!

Yes, I lived amongst a Puma. Spending a couple of weeks in the Costa Rican rainforest gave me a new perspective on my place in the world. Humans are small and the Earth is big. Since I’ve been living in New York City for a long time, you’d think that the tall buildings and skyscrapers would me feel tiny, but they don’t. For some reason seeing tall trees and big leaves do. Getting back to the puma, the house that we stayed in was in an area where a puma lived, I wanted to see it, but from a safe distance. One morning I did, just kidding. We never saw the puma, the housekeeper has found its droppings in the past. They told us that puma sees you but you won’t see it. Knowing that a puma and who-knows-what was walking around where I lived made it clear that living in the rainforest is a different way of life. We are sharing this space and many of the things that I would worry about back home don’t really matter.

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