“Don’t think about it too much, too much, too much, too muuuuuch.” – Sampha

I am a bit of an overthinker. I tend to think about all of the possible outcomes and all the steps I should be taking to attain something. Personally, I have been working on just doing now. Everything does not have to be perfectly aligned before you start something. That’show I would think about things and that way of thinking has sometimes hindered me from doing things. Planning is great, but the planning process should not take more time than doing. This is something that I am working on. Many times I have made plans and thought way too far ahead in the process. For example, if I was thinking about making a product and selling it, I would make lists of steps that I would have to make to do it and next thing you know, I’m thinking about how I would be able to ship it to China. Kim, you haven’t even made the product yet, learn to walk before you can run, Kim. Sometimes if I can’t see the whole process being successful or clear and easy, I feel that I can’t do it and I’m back at square one. I say all this to say, don’t be like the old me, get to work, you’ll figure things out along the way.


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