Why Having Low Expectations Can Be Better When Traveling

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When studied abroad in Italy, had low expectations, not because I thought it was going to be bad, I thought it would be great. I just didn’t come with any fantasies or obsessions (often influenced by movies or TV). The trip was rather last minute for me so I didn’t have time to thoroughly research it. Italy was not a place that I had wanted to go my whole life like it is for some people. I was pretty much a noob when it came to Italy. I hadn’t heard of Florence until I learned about the program and everything I learned before I went was from an art history class (super helpful). Due to that a lot of things were completely fresh to me.


Me at a Chianti vineyard


Sometimes when you have such high hopes for a place that when you get there it doesn’t meet your expectations. The only expectation I had was that the food would be great. It was for the most part, but not all of it. I expected all of it to be great. I just knew that everyone was a chef making fresh pasta with a vineyard out back. Silly, I know, but this was my only expectation and it was shattered.

Because I did not have any other expectations, I was pleasantly surprised by most things. When your expectations are minimal, your experiences will highly likely be better that you expected. I’m not saying expect the worst, I’m saying expect average.

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