pexels-photo-355952.jpegHow many times have you seen on the internet posts about how to make your dreams a reality? Probably a million. Do vision boards work? I know what I want to do and that’s enough, you might say. Is it enough?

Well, in my experience, verbalizing and visualizing your goals does work. Having a daily visual reminder and mantra can help trick your mind into believing what you wrote down or said. But is it enough? I don’t think so. I love vision boards, I have a post about it, in order to make dreams a reality you have to take action. If you put a picture of beach on your board, you are not going to magically teleport to a beach, but what will happen it that everyday you will be reminded that you want to go to a beach this year and you will more likely plan it. So yes vision boards work, but not without planning and action.

Now that I’ve said that you are probably wondering if you need a vision board at all, maybe you just need planning and action. Not exactly, yes planning and action is important, but the visualizing can serve as an active reminder to stay focussed on your goals. There are a lot of distractions in life that can take you away from your goal, the can vision board keep you on track. You can check out ways to make your vision board more effective here. Share you ideas in the comments.

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