Tech gear for me is a camera, laptop, phone, and the accompanying accessories. In order to keep my day bag light, I don’t bring a lot of tech gear when I am traveling. I use a small camera that can fit in my pocket, my phone, a selfie-stick (yes, I know), and my laptop or tablet. Don’t forget chargers and batteries. No tripod, no lights, no rigs, just the basics.


Many people say they use a DSLR camera, but I find them to be heavy and unnecessary for taking great photos. I have a tiny point & shoot camera and it works fine for me. I have used DSLRs in the past but I have not seen a dramatic difference in the quality of my photos. Another good thing about a tiny camera is it does not draw attention and is very lightweight, which is great. See photos taken with DSLR here ones from a point & shoot here.

The selfie stick, embarrassing yes, but they are great. Remember, no one knows you here, so its okay. If you are by yourself and in a great location and you want a self-portrait that looks like someone took it for you, its great.

Unless you are a professional photographer or a vlogger, you probably shouldn’t bring a tripod. I don’t bring a tripod because they are often large and heavy and you can do some of the same things you can do with a selfie stick.

Memory cards and batteries. This is super important! Bring a few empty memory cards and batteries, you don’t want to ever run out of memory when you’re on a trip. Bring more than one battery so if one dies in the middle of the day, you won’t have to wait till you get back home to charge it. You may not always have that option.

Laptop vs. Tablet. Tablets can be all you need if you don’t plan on doing work while you are away. I also have used a tablet with a keyboard to get work done, but unfortunately the tablet and keyboard set up tends to need a table, which you may not always have or want to use. So if you have to use a computer a lot while you are away, I would suggest a laptop for their portability and ease of set up and take down.

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