The Time I Seriously Overpacked for a Trip

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vintage-luggage-2698245_960_720.pngSigh…Where do I begin? When I was packing for my study abroad to Florence, Italy, I overpacked, really badly. The amount of things I bought for a trip that was a few months long is really embarrassing. I packed as if I was moving there. In fact, if I was moving there, I’d probably bring less stuff. It’s not totally my fault though. Here’s why.

I had never been on a trip that was that long before so I had no idea of how much stuff I should bring, so looked it up on the internet, like I do most things. I came across a blog post where a woman (who will remain unnamed) was going on vacation for the same amount of time as my study abroad. So I thought great, I should do the same thing as her and I pretty much did. I packed a large suitcase for my clothing and, (listen to this) a carry-on for shoes. Yes, you read that right. Just think about that for a moment. An entire suitcase… for shoes. Really?! What the heck was I thinking? At the time it made sense to me, the woman said rain boots, sneakers, flats, sandals, heels, etc. I thought, “yeah, I’ll need these things, for when it rains or if I go dancing.” Wrong! I’m not sure when I thought I was going to be doing all these costume changes throughout the day. I ended up switching between some flats and sneakers every day. I think I wore the rain boots maybe once. You don’t want to even hear about the clothing. I wore a variation of the same ten or so pieces of clothing every day, which was about a third of what I bought. Now that you know my story, please, please, please don’t do what I did, no matter how long your trip is.

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