An Unexpected Twist on My Trip to Mexico

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Last weekend I did a last minute trip to Mexico City. I was looking at ticket prices one morning and saw a decent rate for flights to Mexico City. Mexico City is one of those places that I have been thinking about visiting for a long time but I didn’t know when I should go. I will be finishing up grad school in the Spring so my summer is not really clear yet. Anyway I had time last weekend I decided to just do it. My first solo trip to a foreign country, where I barely speak the language. It was a little nerve racking at first, but once I was there everything was fine.

I had an idea of where some places that I wanted to visit everything was not ironed out yet, luckily I was staying with a local host, who ended up being extremely helpful, especially because my phone decided to say ‘adios’ as my plane was taking off. (Sigh, yes my phone broke and I couldn’t fix it until I got back, so my communication was super limited).


Despite not having a fully functioning phone, I was still able to have an awesome trip, I just had to do things old school. Maps and my notebook were my best friend. I had to plan out my transportation pretty throughly, I wrote down train stops, bus stops, important streets etc, it all came in handy. I also had to learn some phrases ahead of time that I thought I might need that day (no google).

Even though it was a great learning experience, I would rather have a working phone when I’m traveling in a foreign country, as woman, when I don’t look like a local, and alone. The good thing about traveling without a phone is that it forces you to be very present with your surroundings. I think that it is part of why my four day trip felt way longer than it was. So in the future, I think I will not used my phone but I will have it in case of any emergency.

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