3 Regrets I Have About My Trip to Mexico

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There are several things I learned on my short stay in Mexico. Every travel experience is different and we learn things that we should do differently next time and things that we should keep doing. Here are some tips that I thought would be helpful to share.

The main thing I regret in not researching the food. While the food I had was pretty good, there are some things that I wish I knew to try, like El Pastor tacos, ceviche, and elote. You might be thinking, if you didn’t have that, what did you eat. Well, not much now that I think of it. I had breakfast with my host who didn’t make anything that was particularly Mexican, except on my last day. For lunch, most of the places I went were not Mexican, and for dinner, I ate at the restaurants near the house (which weren’t Mexican). I think if I knew what to look for, I would have had a better experience with the food. Also, Mexico City is a large city where there is a lot of non-Mexican food, if you are looking for Mexican food everywhere, try the outer areas or markets. I had traditional food in the Coyoacán Market.

Another thing that I regret is not studying the language ahead of time. I am not fluent in Spanish and I figured it would not be that hard to get by without it or using it very little. This trip was a solo trip so, I had to depend on myself, without the assistance of my phone. Not knowing some fairly simple things in Spanish made it a bit harder to do things. For example, I was looking for a restaurant that my host recommended, I couldn’t find it and I couldn’t ask for directions so I ate somewhere else. Also, the numbers were difficult for me to understand, like someone told me the price of something and I didn’t know what they said, I handed them my money like I knew what they said, luckily it was enough. These things happened on my first day, so I think my ears were adjusting, LOL. It did get easier. Check out Key Phases to Know in the Local Language.

Last but not least, more time to prepare for the trip. If you read this, you would know that this trip to Mexico was a planning very hastily, to say the least. I bought the ticket on Wednesday for a flight that Friday. Yes, I know, crazy, but it was the perfect time for me so I did it. While I don’t regret going, I do wish that I thought of my brilliant (jk) plan a few weeks before I did it. Having more time to prep for this trip would have been super helpful. I could have practiced my Spanish, researched more places to visit and learn about the food. My host did help me a lot but I can’t depend on having a great host all the time.

What are some things that you wished you did when traveling? Share in the comments. Good luck on your journeys!

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