6 Effective Ways to Learn A Language at Home

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Personally, I learn best if I am forced to use it or need it (in the country), not in a classroom or by any of the things that I have listed here. So if you can’t just take a break and live in France for a year to become fluent in French, here are some things you can do, now.

writing-923882_960_720Write down conjugations. Say them. Repeat. You might be thinking, no drills, but sometimes there is no way of getting around it. Writing things down can help you remember things and when you say it (without looking), you can practice your pronunciation and test your memory. I wish there was an easier way but if you want to learn those verbs, I think this is a must, especially for intangible ones like to be, to have, to want, etc.


Watch familiar shows dubbed in the language (if available)  or watch a new show in the language with subtitles, then later without (more advanced). This is the fun part. Check out Youtube for some of your favorites in the language that you are trying to learn. Or get familiar with a new show, in your favorite genre.

dough-2943759_960_720.jpgCook a recipe in the language. I have found that food items are one of the easiest things to remember how to say in a foreign language, I wonder why… Cooking is a great way to learn because it is a whole experience. I used to watch cooking videos to practice my Italian. The cook picks up the item or points to it and says it, it is a great way to learn new vocabulary because you see it, you hear it, and now you know the word for it.

read-3048651_960_720.jpgRead a book that you have read in the language. This is especially great for beginners because you know what is happening despite not knowing every word on the page. If you already know the story, you will be able to piece together what is happening.


Label things in your house in the language. This is done in many early childhood and second language classrooms. I give students a vocabulary with context, a person is more likely to remember it if the window is labeled finestra rather than looking it up in a dictionary.

cup-2884058_960_720Talk to yourself and possibly a language partner. A language partner is a really great way to be more comfortable speaking in a different language. If you can’t do this, talk to yourself or write down a conversation.

If you are trying to teach yourself a language, try these out and let me know how it goes.

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